Call for Suggestions

Der Call for Suggestions ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar.

In addition to our regular Call for Proposals, this year's enterJS offers the possibility to nominate speakers you'd like to see in our upcoming conference line-up by using the form below. Just let us know the person's name, a public way to contact them, and maybe the topic you want to see them talk about. We will try to talk to them and ask, if they are willing to hand in a session proposal. Thank you so much for your input!

Beyond this additonal way of making suggestions, we also lend newcomers a hand when it comes to questions such as: which topic should I pick, how do I create great slides or how do I become a confident public speaker? Just reach out to Björn Bohn or Melanie Feldmann, our diversity contacts, or have a close look at our collection of useful links.

Whom do you want to suggest?

For privacy reasons please do not provide phone numbers, email addresses or other private contact data. We are going to ignore suggestions that do not link to a public profile.

Who are you?

Please note that the enterJS team will – when asked – provide the name of the person who nominated to the nominee. Beyond this we won't disclose information to any other parties.

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