Mittwoch, 10:30 Uhr

Web components and what they can do for you

These days you can't develop frontends without using any kind of JS framework or some JS libraries. Each framework has its popularity and every new version brings us new features and more performance. But each upgrade or switch means usually losing lots of functionalities or reimplementing same stuff with different patterns. These tasks were expensive, error-prone and not sustained from a business perspective.

Alexander's and Dominic's goal is to give you a insight into their work which covers often to enable teams to scale up their performance by simplifying tasks, optimizing application designs and ensure stability with testing. They want to enable you to stop breaking your UI compontents whatever framework you use.

* A basic understanding of web components and SEO

* To get a deep understanding of the state of the web component technology including StencilJS, PWA, the combination with different framework and how these could also be used for SEO enabled websites.

Alexander Knapstein

Alexander is founder of @INSPIRATIONlabs. Full stack, data driven developer, addicted to frontend architecture and UX. Always strives for business values and positive impact.

Dominic Böttger

Dominix is co-founder of @INSPIRATIONlabs. Combining frontend with backend and infrastructures and loves to enable teams to their fullest potential.